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College Insights has been preparing students for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT since 1991. Our students regularly raise their PSAT and SAT scores by 100 to more than 300 points, with an average improvement of 168 points, and ACT scores by 3 to more than 6 points, with an average improvement of 5.2 points. We are the only test preparation company that truly supports its score improvement claims with a money-back guarantee. College Insights will work with you again for free provided you attend all classes and complete all assignments and fail to raise your SAT scores by at least 100 points or ACT score by at least 3 points. If, after this additional work, the student still fails to raise scores by at least these amounts, College Insights will refund the entire course fee. No other test prep company offers this guarantee. Not Princeton Review. Not Kaplan Test Prep. College Insights does, because our program works. For information about our Live SAT, PSAT, and ACT courses, please click here.